Bali Retreat (7 nights)

Ubud, Tangerang Kota 15144, Indonesia - Bali Retreat (7 nights)

Ubud, Tangerang Kota 15144, Indonesia
Senin 24.9.2018
Dari 9:00
Senin 1.10.2018
Hingga 17:00
Ubud, Tangerang Kota 15144, Indonesia
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It’s time to imagine living your life to the fullest. This retreat is designed to set your spirit free, to rediscover and reconnect with the woman you are.

Come to Ubud where Mother Nature is at her best: lush, fragrant and beautiful. It’s the perfect place to recharge your body and set your spirit free.
Let us pamper you for 7 nights to awaken your feminine spirit as you engage your senses in an atmosphere of fun, nurture and relaxation.

Beautiful accommodation
Airport transfer
Welcome dinner
Welcome gift
Daily breakfast
Morning yoga
Balinese cooking class
Lunch at local family restaurant
Fine dining at Indus

Menampilkan lebih banyak
Bicycle tour
Ubud market
Transformational women’s circle
Free time
Farewell dinner

For more information:
Carla + 61 458 221 666 or Amelia + 61 429 924 333
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