Residency workshop with Agung Gunawan 2018

Sampang Agung Centre for Performing Arts - SACPA - Residency workshop with Agung Gunawa...

Sampang Agung Centre for Performing Arts - SACPA
Rabu 20.6.2018
Dari 20:00
Sabtu 30.6.2018
Hingga 23:00
Sampang Agung Centre for Performing Arts - SACPA
IndonesiaPringkukuJl. Punung-Gondosari Km. 7 Desa Pelem Kecamatan Pringkuku63552
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9 Day Residency Workshop with Agung Gunawan

Skilled Improvisation based on Javanese court dance philosophy

日本語で情報提供をご希望の方は Takashi Takiguchi へメッセージをお送りください。

Agung Gunawan, together with the co-producer of this workshop, Takashi Takiguchi, offers a 9 day workshop residency program at his studio in the rural village in Pelem in East Java, Indonesia. In this residency, he will share his personal understanding and expertise on how to perceive the sense of spirituality at the local landscape. Participants are guided to channel such phenomenal forces into their body movements, in order to create an 'improvised' performance of vocals and movements. Agung also offers an opportunity to all participants, to explore with him and investigate the boundaries and crossing points of classical and contemporary art forms, utilising his classical Javanese court dance techniques and years of past experience in directing and choreographing contemporary dance works with many international artists.

The workshop will take you on an exploration of understanding your own body through the methodology that Agung has established over many years;

- Breathing - wind giving breath
- Listening - wind whispering to the ear
- Sensing - wind touching your skin
- Floating - wind rocking you like a cradle

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Each one of those methodologies are strongly connected with the four requirements to perfect the art of Javanese court dance, which are;

Sawiji - (concentration of mind)
Greget - (enthusiasm and consciousness)
Sengguh - (self-confidence)
Ora Mingkuh - (no surrender)

As a framework for the workshop, the Bedeyo dance philosophy will be utilised to help participants understand the strong connection between Javanese spiritual and animistic practices and such influences and adapt them to artistic forms.

The Vision of the Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to let things unfold spontaneously not only for participants but also for Agung himself as a dancer, director and choreographer. To facilitate such a process, Agung will provide each artist with close mentoring and advice to support them to construct a site-specific improvised performance piece that will be presented on Days 7 and 8 of the residency.

Time for forums and discussion will be also allocated, so that we can share and exchange experiences and perspectives to assist our reflective process as we proceed through the workshop.

Studio environment and spirituality in the landscape of Pelem

The residency offers various platform to practice and experiment, such as forests, rivers, oceans, caves and rice fields. At the workshop, international and local Javanese artists are invited to exchange their philosophies, perspectives, multi-disciplinary artistic expressions and accumulated wisdom and experiences during the program.

Agung uses the analogy of water to illustrate this: the water of our backyards, rivers, lakes, oceans are all unique and different, yet essentially it is the same water. Likewise, we human beings are essentially the same, despite of where we live, what we eat and what we believe in. What are the differences between traditional and contemporary ways of living and thinking, between one culture, religion, belief, daily practice and another, between socially accepted states of consciousness and altered states of consciousness? What exists in these 'betweens' or are they something 'beyond' our normal understanding? How do these questions directly or indirectly affect and cultivate artistic practice?

Schedule: Total of 9 full days

June 2018

20th - artists arriving (Welcome dinner at 8pm)
21st - Training Day 1
22nd - Training Day 2
23rd - Training Day 3
24th - Training Day 4
25th - Training Day 5
26th - Preparation for showing and consultation with Agung
27th - Preparation for showing and consultation with Agung
28th - Showing Day 1
29th - Showing Day 2
30th - Excursion and Closing party


(incl. $300 for accommodation with 3 meals, $200 for workshop fees for 9 days and 1 day excursion)
Payment site:

*only 11 spots available


No prior dance experience is required. This workshop is open to all forms of artistic practices - dancers, actors, performers, musicians, spoken word artists, media artists or anyone who are interested in the description of the workshop above.

Pelem Festival -

More info / EOI
Takashi Takiguchi -

Photo credit: Steve Chong

Born in 1971 in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia, Agung Gunawan is a renowned and established dancer, an artistic director, a choreographer and a vocalist.

Since he moved to the rural village of Pelem in East Java in 2008, he has been questioning and investigating the ever-changing boundaries and universal hallmarks of traditional, classical and contemporary Javanese arts and culture. He is also seeking new forms of artistic expression engendered from ancient, indigenous Javanese wisdom and knowledge commonly used in the daily life of Pelem village.

He has received numerous nominations and awards both nationally and internationally, including 'The Best Feature Performance and The Best Choreographer' at the Cameronian Arts Awards (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 2013) and 'Best Choreographer' at Festival Wayang Wong Gaya (Yogyakarta, Indonesia: 2009).

He was professionally trained and mentored for years by the legendary master Bagong Kusudiharjo and later by R.M. Ywandjono Suryobrongto and R.Ay. Sri Kadarjati in the form of classical court dance of Yogyakarta. From 2000 to 2006, he worked as an assistant choreographer with Martinus Miroto at the Miroto Dance Company. During this time, he was involved in the production of 'Opera Java', a film directed by Garin Nugroho while touring across the globe.

Since beginning his career in 2006 as an independent solo dancer and choreographer, he has worked with many multi-disciplinary artists, in companies and projects both inside and outside Indonesia; such as Tony Yap (Australia), Ikko Suzuki (Japan), Prof. Vincent McDermott (U.S.A), Prof. Sardono W. Kusumo (Indonesia), Youngoh Won (S. Korea), Sean O'Brian (Australia), Albert Chimedza (Zimbabwe), D’Loco Kid (USA), Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux (Netherland), Dr Mike Hornblow (Australia), Dr. Kee Yong Chong (Malaysia), and Yumi Umiumare (Australia/Japan) to name a few.

He was a founder and an artistic director of the Arts Island Festival from 2010 to 2014. His motivation to create the Festival was a manifestation of his conviction, "If they are not accessible to the poor, the arts are neither innovative or revolutionary". This belief has been the pillar of his daily practice.

Currently, he is based in the rural village in Pacitan City, East Java, as a co-director of Sampang Agung Centre of Performing Arts (SACPA), and a choreographer of Breathing Forest Dance Theatre while continuously touring numerous countries for performances and projects.
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