Jakarta International FOOD EXPO (JIFEX 2017)

JCC Jakarta Convention Centre.. - Jakarta International FOOD EXPO (JIFEX 2017)

JCC Jakarta Convention Centre..
Kamis 10.8.2017
Dari 7:00
Sabtu 12.8.2017
Hingga 19:00
JCC Jakarta Convention Centre..
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The Jakarta International Food Expo - JIFEX 2017, will be held in Jakarta Convention Centre Indonesia from 10-12 august 2017 in the capital city of Indonesia.

The rapid growth of the food expo in recent years has brougth new opportunities and challenges into the world economy. These bring the need for a platform to discuss strategies and to achieve more sustainable future business in the industry.

JIFEX 2017 is aim to create a sustainable platform for the industry players to exchange information, ideas and experience among producer and consumer on food industries product such as food product, food ingredients, food packaging, and also food technology, also provides a unique oppurtunity to review the advances in food development, analyze and overcome challenges that the industry face today.

JIFEX 2017 is arranged to be a 'one stop event' for the food industries stakeholders from discussing issues to promote the industry and develop networking, this event consists of 2 programs such as conference & exhibition.

The event it self is expected to be attended by more than 1000 conference participants and 10000 visitors.

The participant includes the following:
- Distributors, Importers, Wholesalers, retailers, government & trade association, franchisors and franchisees, food and beverage managers, hotel owners & managers, restaurant owners & managers, supermarket, hypermarket and grocery, catering business owners, bakery business owner and chefs.
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