Starnifest 2017

ICBC The Square Ballroom - ICBC Center Surabaya - Starnifest 2017

ICBC The Square Ballroom - ICBC Center Surabaya
Minggu 19.11.2017
Dari 10:00 Hingga 21:00
ICBC The Square Ballroom - ICBC Center Surabaya
IndonesiaSurabayabasuki rahmat60261
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STARNIFEST exists to accomodate Japan cultures waves that increasingly anesthesized the people of Indonesia.

STARNIFEST exists to provide as a forum for all Japan lovers from all ages. So, they can enjoy any performs from Japan completely such as, educations, cultures, pop-cultures, fashions, beauties, and many more. In here, be expected from all Japan lovers from all ages can find “basecamp” for them to share each other, changing informations and get the knowledge from every sections that has closed connection with Japan still. Another purpose for STARNIFEST, there is a strong desire to us to introduce more about Japan, the real Japan, to the comunities.

It’s not only for formal section, but also Informal. In STARNIFEST itself there will be any informations about Japanese educations from any instances, Artwork exhibitions, Creative comunities that Japan-minded, any workshops about Japanese beauty and Face paintings, Special Effects Make up, J-Music, talkshow with any successful figures in their field that stil in Japan theme, also will be supported also with any shows from any talents that make STARNIFEST competitions that wil be held very complete.

STARNIFEST exists for every ages, not only for youngsters but for all Japan lovers. It’s not only for Cosplay fans, J-Pop, J-fashion or such as other pop-cultures, but STARNIFEST is opened for the ones who likes Japanese Tradional cultures also, the ones which focused to looking for any education and any informations about Japan.

So that is the reason why STARNIFEST existed. Our big hopes as Starnifest team developer, from STARNIFEST, Positive Japan cultures waves can be delivered well to communities, so there will be positive informations they will get. We won’t just about having fun in Japan pop culture onlyu, but all about Japan, formal and informal,

We do hope, we can cooperate each other well to build Japan Positive altogether as a start from STARNIFEST that will grow each year. Of course, each year we will come with new theme and year by year we will have different themes. But, for the content, is always just the sama. Just for the theme, wil be different , to give new color and for not monotonous.
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